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GAMMA C-1 Tennis Racquets

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The manufacturer no longer makes this item. It is no longer available for purchase. For assistance finding a similar product click the “Get Help Now” button below or call customer service at 800-833-6615

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The Gamma C-1 is engineered for players with slower swing speed and shorter, more compact strokes. With a 110 square inch headsize, the C-1 offers a larger sweetspot for a great combination of power and comfort on all shots. The light 9.5 oz. strung weight makes the racquet very maneuverable, which makes it great for hitting volleys at the net.

The C-1 has a 16x20 string pattern, which is tighter than traditional power racquets, giving it more control while still maintaining the lively stringbed for added pop. The racquet length is also 0.25 inches longer, giving players added reach as well as power on serves and groundstrokes. The Gamma C-1 will give players with a compact swing the added power to make their shots go over the net and deep into the court.

For more information on Choosing a Tennis Racquet or Selecting String, please see the Tennis Express Buyer's Guide.

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GAMMA C-1 Tennis Racquets The Gamma C-1 tennis racquet is designed for players with a short, compact swing style who are looking for more power. The C-1 offers a generous sweetspot with a comfortable feel in a maneuverable racquet frame. Category: Oversize Racquets Product #: RGC1 Regular price: $189.95 $ $79.95 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!