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New Item PRO-TEC AcuBall Massage Therapy


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The Pro-Tec Acuball provides soothing deep tissue therapy for effective pain relief wherever you go. Stick the ball in the microwave for 1 minute or boil it for 12 minutes for soothing joint and muscle treatment for up to 60 minutes. The combination of acupressure and heat relieves stiff joints and stimulates blood flow to accelerate the recovery process. Easy to fit in a bag or backpack, the Acuball is a great tool to have on hand whether you're at the gym, in the office, or at home.


  • 1 Pro-Tec Acuball (9.5" diameter)
  • Acuball microwave stand
  • Instructional guide

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PRO-TEC AcuBall Massage Therapy Buy the Pro-Tec Acuball at Tennis Express today! With its soothing, deep tissue therapy, you can get up to an hour of massages for after strenuous activity relief. Category: EMPTY Product #: ACUBALL $ $29.95 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!