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New Item VOLKL V-Sense 4 Tennis Racquet

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The new Volkl V-Sense 4 is a great option for players looking for maximum comfort with solid power and control. These new racquets feature C3 Material which is a mixture of materials that helps to create a stiffer frame, yet more forgiving frame. The 105 square inch head size provides a forgiving feel and a large sweet spot for contact. The frame also features the Super G grommet system incorporates Volkl’s patented V-Sponse material in construction. The result is a larger sweet spot, better control through increased dwell time and more power from the increased spring effect as the ball leaves the string bed. With Catapult Effect Technology built into the frame, you'll gain up to 30% more power and control thanks to the catapult springs allowing for deeper ball pocketing. Replacing Volkl’s V-Sponse Bio Sensors is the new V-Sense, this new technology features a pendulum pin in the handle of the racquet that all but eliminates any vibrations that have a negative effect on the playability of the racquet. The new Precise Power frame design combines a classic beam with the box beam from Organix racquets to give players power without sacrificing control. The 10.2 oz (strung) weight gives the racquet a light maneuverable feel, making it easy to swing for intermediate players. The head light balance gives the racquet a fast feel on ground strokes and also allows for good maneuverability at net for volleying. The 16x19 string pattern provides easy access to spin while maintaining control. Players in need of a powerful frame that also has good feel and a wealth of comfort will enjoy the Volkl V-Sense 4 .

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VOLKL V-Sense 4 Tennis Racquet Buy the Volkl V-Sense 4 Tennis Racquet at Tennis Express today! This powerful yet forgiving racquets is great for beginning and intermediate players alike. Category: V Sense Product #: V16404 Regular price: $270.00 $ (Buy 1 pieces for $199.99) - $199.99 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!