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New Item PRO KENNEX Ki Q 15 310 Tennis Racquet

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The 15 legacy continues with with yet another iteration of the Pro Kennex Kinetic Q15 315, featuring a larger sweetspot for increased comfort and forgiveness. This is accomplished by changing the location of the Kinetic Mass chambers within the frame towards the four shoulder areas of the head. The advantage of placing the additional weight in these areas is an expanded sweetspot as well as added stability. Spiral Tech Carbon offers additional flexiblity to the Kinetic Q15 315 for even more of the comfort that the Kinetic line is known for. The special-treated spiral carbon offers improved dampening properties while the high modulus graphite provides strength and needed rigidity. The moveable mass inside the Kinetic chambers helps to not only add power, but more important, to largely dissipate shock for incredible comfort. Our testers found an excellent racquet that offered plenty of versatility in all aspects. The open string pattern provided plenty of spin and some nice power, but not enough to overwhelm the control and comfort of the frame.

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PRO KENNEX Ki Q 15 310 Tennis Racquet Check out the latest, highly versatile version of the Pro Kennex Kinetic Q15 315. With moving mass at the shoulders and Spiral Tech Carbon the racquet offers a bit of everything to match up with any playing style. Category: Ki Series Product #: 14625 Regular price: $249.99 $ $189.00 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!