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A extended version of the Pro Kennex Ki Q5 , the Pro Kennex Ki Q5 X continues Pro Kennex's tradition of featuring arm-friendly technology that can help or alleviate players tennis elbow. With multiple groundbreaking technologies, the Pro Kennex Ki Q5 X has added power and spin to the already outstanding comfort benefits the brand is known for. By segmenting the Kinetic Moveable Mass and placing it into the four corners of the racquet head, Quadfocused design increases the frame’s torsional stability even further, moving the sweet spot higher in the string face (as the mass of the frame moves higher, the sweet spot follows it). By stabilizing the frame’s corners, it will deflect less, increasing power and spin production simultaneously. Additionally, the special-treated spiral carbon offers improved dampening properties while the high modulus graphite provides strength and needed rigidity.

Weighing in at 315g (11.1 oz.) unstrung, the Q5 X allows players with fast swing speeds to take advantage of the Q’s benefits. A more headlight balance than its lighter brother and a moderate swingweight of 331 (strung) improves maneuverability from the baseline and at net, making this a great racquet for up and coming intermediate to advanced players. The proven Kinetic technology “loads up” the Kinetic mass on the backswing and then propels it forward at contact, improving power and absorbing impact shock for exceptional comfort.

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PRO KENNEX Ki Q5 X Tennis Racquet Order the Pro Kennex Ki Q5 X at Tennis Express today! Long known for being one of the most comfort-oriented brands in tennis, let the Ki Q5 help with your tennis elbow. Category: Ki Series Product #: 14680 Regular price: $229.99 $ $179.00 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!