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Sale Item YONEX VCORE Tour F 97 Light Tennis Racquet

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This racquet is Sony Smart Tennis Sensor compatible.

The new Yonex VCORE Tour F 97 Lite comes with the latest in Yonex Technology. Weighing in at 10.7 ounces strung, this frame is a lighter version of the Tour F 97, but still has plenty of weight behind the ball to dictate play with precision from anywhere on the court. Taking all of the performance benefits of the first release of VCORE Tour frames, the addition of a Black Micro Core in the top and sides of the frame uses an evolutionary high density, expanding urethane to increase strength for enhanced stability and power. The 3D Vector Shaft Continues on with the VCORE Tour F 97, designed to increase rigidity in the throat area for unmatched precision. Compliment all of this with the new Aero-Fin Technology design and the standard Yonex Isometric head, and what you have is a forgiving frame that boasts impressive control, surprising power, and the spin capability to dominate your competition.

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YONEX VCORE Tour F 97 Light Tennis Racquet Buy the all new Yonex VCore Tour F 97 Lite at Tennis Express today! With an isometric frame shape and the new aero fin technology these are some awesome racquets to play with. Category: EMPTY Product #: VCTF97LT Regular price: $199.00 $ $109.00 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!