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Item #: 7TY71-801

PRINCE O3 Speedport White Tennis Racquets

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The manufacturer no longer makes this item. It is no longer available for purchase. For assistance finding a similar product click the “Get Help Now” button below or call customer service at 800-833-6615

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Limited Grip Sizes Available.
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The Prince O3 Speedport White is perfect for intermediate to advanced players who are wanting a great balance of racquet speed with superb power and control. In comparison with its top selling predecessor, the O3 White, the Speedport White offers a larger sweetspot to allow a greater of that perfect shot.
The Speedport White Racquets have been designed to give every advantage to competitive players. O3 Speedport racquets have a 24 percent faster swing speed than traditional frames— the increase in aerodynamical performance allows them to slice through the air with ease. This in turn leads to increased racquet head speed throughout the entire swing pattern, which consistently produces sharper, cleaner shots resulting in more powerful serves, more penetrating ground strokes and crisper volleys.
Overall, as a tweener racquet, the O3 Speedport White provides a great balance between power and control. It is sure to be a favorite all around the tennis world, and it really is worth demoing.
Note: A cover is not provided with this racquet.

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PRINCE O3 Speedport White Tennis Racquets The Prince O3 Speedport White tennis racquet provides a premium blend of both power and control to stabilize your gameplay. The Speedport White allows players to maintain a solid feel all around the court. Category: EMPTY Product #: 7TY71-801 Regular price: $220.00 $ $129.00 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!
O3 Speedport White Tennis Racquets 5 out of 5 based on 3 ratings. 3 user reviews.