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New Item BABOLAT New Pop Tennis Sensor

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The updated Babolat POP comes with a new and improved wristband. It still gives players the ability to track their game with any racquet they use. The first tennis-specific wearable device, POP measures users swing speed, spin and style, the style is measured as how smooth and fluid your stroke is. This information is then combined into one number, your PIQ score. You can use this number to track the progress of your game or to compete and challenge your friends. Not only does this score allow you to compare yourself to friends, but it shows you your global ranking compared to every other POP user. The sensor not only tracks your swing speed, spin, and style, it tracks your court time and number of shots as well. The Babolat POP makes the perfect gift for any player - read about it on our blog!

Package Includes: POP Sensor, wristband, charger, USB cable and quick start guide
Compatibility: Any racquet
App: Free to download, available for Android (version 4.3+) and iOS (7.0+)
Charge Time: 2 Hours full charge cycle
Usage Time: Up to 10 hours of tennis
Weight: 0.7 oz / 18 grams (w/ wristband)

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BABOLAT New Pop Tennis Sensor Buy the Babolat POP Tennis Sensor at Tennis Express today! This first of its kind tennis specific wristband tracks all your playing activity and reports it back to you. Category: EMPTY Product #: 100010-100 Regular price: $99.95 $ $69.95 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!