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Item #: GGGR-10R

New Item GAMMA Glide 16G Tennis String Mini Reel

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Spin junkies will love the revolutionary new Gamma Glide 16G Crystal string. This string is specifically designed to be used as a cross string in a hybrid with any poly, synthetic or natural gut main string. It is made from patent pending, proprietary super elastic fluorinated polymer. This material dramatically reduces sliding friction between strings. Lab comparisons showed it created 86% more lateral main string movement and 49% faster snap back, resulting in 300 RPM of additional spin. Players will find access to tremendous spin in any string configuration thanks to Glide’s superior lubricity. The string also has elasticity on par with natural gut, giving it excellent power, feel and comfort. The 16 gauge diameter provides additional durability for use as a cross string in any type of hybrid. Gamma recommends stringing it at 5-10% higher tension than the main string tension.

Construction: Proprietary Fluorinated Polymer

Color: Crystal

Gauge: 1.30mm

Length: 120' Mini-reel

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GAMMA Glide 16G Tennis String Mini Reel Get the Gamma Glide 16G Crystal tennis string and revel in your new found spin potential! This high-feel, max-spin string is perfect for using as a hybrid cross. Category: Reels Product #: GGGR-10R Regular price: $119.70 $ $54.95 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!
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