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New Item GAMMA Glide Hybrid With Solace Tennis String


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Gamma Glide Hybrid w/ Solace is a hybrid string that comes with a half set of Gamma's Solace to provide players with a enhanced comfort and exceptional playability. Also in the package is Gamma's revolutionary new string "Glide". Glide is cross string that was developed to reduce friction of the main strings as they slide over the crosses. This in turn delivers the player up to 300 additional RPM's with a single string job. It is recommended by Gamma that you string the Glide in your crosses 10 percent higher than normal. This string package is best suited for any player that is looking for a good playable hybrid without losing any of the spin they get from a full bed polyester string job.


Construction: Dual Filament Core W/ Multifilament Wrap

Color: Natural

Gauge: 1.32mm

Length: 20 ft


Construction: Fluorinated Polymer

Color: Crystal

Gauge: 1.30mm

Length 20 ft

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GAMMA Glide Hybrid With Solace Tennis String Buy Gamma Glide Hybrid With Solace at Tennis Express today! This string offers the perfect combination of playability, comfort and spin. Category: Hybrid Product #: GGHS:SET $ $26.95 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!