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Tired of plain strings or the same old manufacturer's logo on your frame? Then the Tourna Clover Tennis Stencil is just what you need! This cool design has a four leaf clover to give you the luck you need to win every match!


Place newspaper on flat surface and place racquet on top. Position stencil on racquet strings using "V" cuts at top and sides as guides. Follow direction on Stencil Ink container. Dab on ink into open slots on the stencil covering the exposed strings. Lift the stencil and flip the racquet. Align the stencil and place on strings with inked side against the strings. Dab on ink on this other side until all exposed strings are covered. Let racquet dry over night.

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TOURNA Clover Tennis Stencil Get the Tourna Clover Tennis Stencil at Tennis Express today! This cool stencil is perfect for amping up the style on your frame and in your game. Category: EMPTY Product #: CLOV-S $ $6.99 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!