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New Item DUNLOP Force 98 Tennis Racquet


The Dunlop Force 98 Tennis Racquet has the smallest headsize in the Force series, a new series being introduced by Dunlop this year. The smaller head size means it gives the player more control of their shots. This racquet size is good for intermediate to advanced players looking for a great combination of control and power. The new Force series also has a truly powerful combination of integrated technologies. Complete your look with a Dunlop Backpack or Bag!


  • Aero Profile - Up to a 9% smaller cross section in hoop allows the beam to cut through the air faster with more elastic power than conventional beams.
  • Flight Geometry - Updated pentagonal geometry in the shaft portion of the racket has been tuned to provide multi directional aerodynamics allowing the racket to cut through the air faster whilst its unique 5 sided shape provides increase whip and elastic power.
  • SR-X - High strength fused polycarbonate outer shell prevents excess movement. A high grade reinforced injected polyutherance reduces vibrations and absorbs shock by 35%. An energy core of 2 glass fibre rods contained within precision channels to transmit impact energy. 360 degree polymer suspended cores are frely able to move filtering violent swings.
  • Aero Boost - Revolutionary seamless grommet system that fuses high speed aerodynamics with piston like power. On impact bridge like structures under the string deforms cushioning impact. Comined with the oversized grommet holes this increases dwell time and feel. The elastic bridge then rebounds accelerating the string bed forward to generate greater bal l speed and spin.
  • Parallel Strung - Grommet holes, pegs and string are in exact alignment across the main itting area, this allows for greater string moment and response. This increases the swet spot size for more power, more spin and a more forgiving feel.
  • Glide Polymer - Reduces friction using unique polymer which contains micro beads of MOS2 mineral that reduces friction interaction between grommet and string by up to 27% allowign greater string movement for enhanced power. The Glide Polymer also gives increased durability, increasing grommet life by up to 40%.
  • Hyper Flare - The 30% wider flare does not compromise the weight of the racquet, giving increased control and stability in the hand.
  • Aero Skin - Engineered surface texture mimicking shark skin which smooth's airflow and reduces drag by up to 35% over non textured air surfaces.

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