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“Spin” is how the modern game is played these days: spin for control, for placement, or just to give your opponent a hard time! With the Steam 99S, Wilson brings the spin game to everyone. Utilizing the new Spin Effect technology (a much more open 16 main/15 cross pattern), Wilson increases string movement 3.3 times over standard patterns, and increases string “snap back” speed (the movement of the strings while the ball is still in contact with the string bed) by 69%, making for a vast increase in spin. Wilson claims Spin Effect technology is like lowering the net by 2 inches and making the court 1 foot longer, giving you a much larger “effective” court to hit into. With the Steam 99S, aggressive players can take advantage of the extra spin without losing control. A perfect Dual Taper Beam width of 24mm provides an optimal power/control blend, and a sturdy 11.3oz. weight allows you to defend your opponent’s hardest-hit shots. Basalt construction combines with Double Hole grommets and Wilson’s new Amplifeel 360 handle to make the Steam 99S a very comfortable power/spin frame for the modern baseline game.

Learn more about the 99S and Spin Effect technology in our Tennis Express blog.

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WILSON Steam 99S Tennis Racquet Order the Wilson Steam 99S Tennis Racquet at Tennis Express today! Using groundbreaking new Spin Effect technology, this frame offers exceptional spin in a solid, control-focused frame. Category: EMPTY Product #: WRT7153 Regular price: $219.99 $ $99.00 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!
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