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Item #: WRT71891U

Sale Item WILSON Juice 100S Tennis Racquet

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Players who want a powerful baseline weapon with loads of spin on tap need look no further than the Wilson Juice 100S. This racquet continues the expansion of Wilson’s Spin Effect technology into the Juice family of racquets. The 100 square inch head size results in a large sweet spot with ample power and feel. Wilson’s new Parallel Drilling process increases the power and also yields an increase in feel and comfort on the string bed. The frame’s weight of 11.3oz (strung) gives it enough mass to hit heavy deep shots as well as remain stable when absorbing the pace from big hitters. The slightly head light balance of the frame ensures solid maneuverability when venturing to the net for volleys. The Spin Effect Technology string pattern of 16x15 is what sets this model of Juice apart. By reducing the number of cross strings, the main strings are allowed to move more freely, resulting in a dramatic spin increase for heavy, powerful shots. The Amplifeel 360 handle system is also on board. This basalt construction handle with custom foam inserts ensures maximum feedback while reducing the shock of unwanted vibrations. The Juice family of frames also gets a darker, more subdued cosmetic for 2014. The Wilson Juice 100S is a great match for players who want a racquet that offers the absolute maximum in power and spin.

This racquet is Sony Smart Tennis Sensor compatible with the addition of the Wilson Tennis Butt Cap. Please indicate in the comment section of your order if you'd like a compatible butt cap included with your order.

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WILSON Juice 100S Tennis Racquet Find the Wilson Juice 100S at Tennis Express! This powerful baseline weapon has plenty of high tech spin potential at its disposal. Category: EMPTY Product #: WRT71891U Regular price: $230.00 $ $159.00 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!
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