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PRINCE Turbo Shark Pre-Strung Racquets

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The manufacturer no longer makes this item. It is no longer available for purchase. For assistance finding a similar product click the “Get Help Now” button below or call customer service at 800-833-6615

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Limited Grip Sizes Available.

All Prince Turbo Shark racquets are PRESTRUNG FROM THE MANUFACTURER with Prince Premier with Softflex 16g at mid-tension.

The choice of 2004 Wimbledon champion Maria Sharapova, the Prince Turbo Shark is the most powerful players racquet around. Players looking for a refreshing blend of control and pop will love the way the 100 sq. in. midplus plays. Those who want a little more room for error on their shots will appreciate the expanded sweet spot provided by the Turbo Shark Oversizes extra 10 sq. in.

Our team found that the Turbo Shark provides a solid and comfortable feel on the court. The open 16x19 string pattern allows the tennis racquet to deal a serious dose of pace on the ball. This in turn offers players an easy avenue to power and topspin. On the serving front, our team found that the Turbo Shark allows for a great amount pop which simplifies the otherwise difficult task of a kick serve.

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PRINCE Turbo Shark Pre-Strung Racquets The Prince Turbo Shark tennis racquets are pre-strung and are for tennis players who want a larger sweet spot on the string bed. Category: EMPTY Product #: 7TP22 Regular price: $169.99 $ $59.95 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!