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Item #: RF31006

Magnetic TwinTec Motion Tennis Racquets

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The manufacturer no longer makes this item. It is no longer available for purchase. For assistance finding a similar product click the “Get Help Now” button below or call customer service at 800-833-6615

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Limited Grip Sizes Available.
The Fischer Magnetic TwinTec Motion is a lightweight tennis racquet that allows for easy maneuverability at all areas of the court, espeically at the net. With a 112 square inch headsize, the Magnetic TwinTec Motion tennis racquet provides players with a generous sweetspot and a forgiving head. The open string pattern allows players to generate spin easier from the baseline, while the lively string bed provides plenty of pop on all shots.
The Magnetic TwinTec Motion contains the Magnetic Speed technology, which increases the swing speed of the racquet as well as the ball acceleration as it leaves the stringbed. The Fischer Stability System helps players retain maximum ball control even on off-center shots due to the increased stability of the racquet. The Magnetic TwinTec Motion tennis racket will suit players with moderate swing speed looking for a maneuverable racquet with power and plenty of spin production.

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FISCHER Magnetic TwinTec Motion Tennis Racquets The Fischer Magnetic TwinTec Motion is a powerful, maneuvereable, and spin friendly tennis racquet that has a generous sweetspot. The Magnetic TwinTec Motion offers a stable and comfortable feel for players with a moderate paced swing style. Category: Oversize Racquets Product #: RF31006 Regular price: $209.99 $ $99.95 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!