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Item #: ODKIPSE20

PRO KENNEX Ionic Ki 20 Red PSE Demo Racquet

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The ProKennex Ionic Ki 20 PSE has a 110 square inch headsize for a larger sweet spot and more forgiveness on off-centered shots. Players will find an easy access to power in the Ionic Ki 10 PSE tennis racquet, while still being able to maintain control on their shots. Our team found that the Ionic Ki 10 PSE provided solid shots with great pace at the baseline. At the net, the ProKennex Ionic Ki 20 PSE proved to be exceptionally responsive for angled put-aways. With a light weight, the racquet was quite maneuverable at the net as well, allowing players to move easily across the court.

Demo this racket today! Just click Add to Cart above. Select up to 4 demo rackets at one time and pay a flat rate shipping fee. Demo rackets will ship via FedEx Ground from our Tennis Express Houston warehouse. Demos arrive within 2-5 business days depending on where you live. Play with the demos for up to one week and then return with the pre-paid label. For example, if Demos arrive on Monday, please ship them back on the following Monday. Put the racquets in the same box you received them in and place the preprinted FedEx label on top of the original label on the outside of the box. Drop off the package at any FedEx station, Kinkos or give it to a FedEx driver. Go to FedEx.com for drop off locations. There are no additional fees when you return the racquets. Do NOT leave the racquets unattended outside a drop box.

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