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Pro Tennis Lessons "Rules of Tennis" For Singles & Doubles Play! Sensational New DVD Starring Renowned USPTA Pro James Jensen!

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Tennis is one sport where most Players lack a full understanding of its rules and scoring during play. Many Singles and Doubles Players give away games they should have won because they were not sure or didn’t know the correct call or score during play. Players with an understanding of the rules always have the advantage with their ability to argue an issue during a match more knowledgably causing you to concede the point. Giving away even one point on a debated call can swing the momentum your opponent’s way resulting in your loosing the match!

With the help of USPTA Pro James Jensen’s new "Rules of Tennis" For Singles & Doubles DVD you will no longer be at a disadvantage during play! Pro Jensen personally takes you through the most important Singles and Doubles rules and scoring every player needs to know during match play including: the official size of the tennis court and net, racquets and balls required for play and illegal equipment that cannot be used, scoring of matches from ad and duce sides of the court, how a tie breaker is scored, ways of dealing with cheaters and bad calls, the many faults committed by Servers during play including foot faults and lets, how to call interference during play and the way a point in progress should be replayed, ways to correctly handle undecided calls where both teams cannot agree on what the score is or was, when to call in a third party during a match, rules for play at the net and common net faults often committed by players but never called, the eye opening rule for returning balls around net posts and not over the net as legal play, understanding tennis unwritten code of conduct, etiquette and sportsmanship, rules for switching sides during matches, how to determine the start of a match, rules of the pre match warp-up, rules for court positions of players which will surprise many, rules for hitting a ball twice before it goes over the net, and much more!

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