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VOLKL Cyclone 1.20/18g Tennis Reel

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Volkl introduces a new gear shaped string for ultimate spin. The Volkl Cyclone 1.20/18g Tennis Reel offers incredible spin to go along with surprising playability. It features a highly geometric gear shape, which combines with co-polyester construction. The multi-sided shape features significant ridges, which help to really bite the ball and result in the ability to generate tremendous amounts of spin. As with many shaped strings, Cyclone uses a block co-polyester construction providing a combination of different properties of unique materials. The advantage to this construction is that every aspect of performance in a string can be tuned by altering the block associated with it. The overall effect is that this string offers enhanced ball speed, improved control, and most importantly, incredible spin as compared to typical polyester strings. We found that this string performed best from the baseline for hard hitting, heavy spin players, but still provides enough feel for the occasional trip to the net.

Construction: Monofilament Co-polyester
Color: Black
Gauge: 1.20mm (18G)
Length: 660' (200m)

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VOLKL Cyclone 1.20/18g Tennis Reel Try the Volkl Cyclone 1.20/18g Tennis Reel at Tennis Express! This 660' reel is great for players looking to add spin and control to their game. Category: Volkl Product #: V29CR8BR Regular price: $200.00 $ $119.99 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!