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Wilson further expands their innovative Steam S series with Spin Effect Technology by introducing the all new Wilson Steam 99LS Tennis Racquet. This frame utilizes a 99 square inch head size and Double Holes Technology, giving it a large sweet spot and a powerful, forgiving feel on contact. The real star of the show is Wilson’s Spin Effect 16x15 string pattern. This patent pending pattern reduces the number of cross strings, allowing the mains to move freely and snap back into position much faster than standard pattern frames. With 3.3 times the string movement and 69% faster snap back, the result is more RPMs on the ball, more margin on shots and more ball movement for opponents to deal with. The racquet weighs in at 10.2oz strung (1.1 ounce lighter than the Steam 99S) making it easy and fast to bring through contact and easy to maneuver in tight quarters at the net. Further enhancing maneuverability is the frame’s slight head light balance. The full Basalt handle construction of Amplifeel 360 Technology adds power by stiffening the lower portion of the frame and also dampens out unwanted vibrations and feedback. The Steam 99LS will be a great option for developing juniors and players seeking the absolute maximum in spin in a lighter, easier to swing package.

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WILSON Steam 99 LS Tennis Racquet Order the Wilson Steam 99LS Tennis Racquet at Tennis Express today! With Spin Effect technology and a large sweet spot, the Steam 99LS is the perfect combo. Category: Ekaterina Makarova Product #: WRT71941U Regular price: $230.00 $ $79.00 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!
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