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Apparel Technologies

Many players and tennis beginners have no idea of the tennis apparel technology that is available today. From fibers and materials designed to alleviate sweat and heat, to UV protective materials and cold weather protection, manufacturers like Nike and Adidas have something for every tennis athlete. You can find materials that will protect you from rain and bad weather, but still allow your skin to breathe during a tough workout. Special materials also work with your body, allowing your skin to breath and increasing evaporation of the sweat your generate when you are working hard in a competitive tennis game. No matter your climate or need, you'll be able to find a great tennis apparel technology to suit and you may find your game improves as well!

After reading up on all the new apparel technologies out there, make sure to checkout all of the Apparel we carry here at Tennis Express. If you’re thinking about doing so but aren’t sure as to what size you are, not to worry, we have an Apparel Sizing Chart that can lead you in the right direction.