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Item #: AZYEX127R

New Item ASHAWAY Zyex MonoGut 1.27/16G Tennis String Reel


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For natural-gut like playability, Ashaway Zyex Monogut 16L String Reel takes full advantage of the Zyex material in a 100% monofilament construction. The absence of polyester materials increases the elongation properties for increased comfort and power while the monofilament construction offers enhanced durability compared to multifilaments. Unlike both polyester and nylon strings, Monogut Zyex maintains its tension longer for reliable performance throughout the life of the string. Our testers felt that the dynamic properties of the Zyex material gave the string similar power to even some of the best multifilaments while holding its playability longer and exhibiting increased durability. Overall we felt that this is a string suited to all-court players that benefit from a string with some added power, but want reliable performance that is common with solid-core construction. The reel length is great for those who restring often.

Note: Ashaway recommends stringing Monogut Zyex at 10-15% lower than traditional nylon strings and no higher than 60 pounds.

Gauge: 16L (1.27 mm)

Length: 360 ft (110 m)

Composition: 100% Zyex Monofilament

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ASHAWAY Zyex MonoGut 1.27/16G Tennis String Reel Order Ashaway Zyex MonoGut 16L Tennis String Reel at Tennis Express. This monofilament string provides a softer, comfortable feel that's similar to natural gut. Category: EMPTY Product #: AZYEX127R $ $130.00 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!