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Players who want maximum power and spin with better feel than a full bed of polyester should hit with Ashaway Crossfire ZX Tour string. This pre-packaged hybrid utilizes a co-polyester monofilament main string. This provides powerful spin potential along with a firm feel and excellent durability. The cross string is Zyex Monogut Zx. Composed of the unique material Zyex in a monofilament design, this string offers gut-like playability and power. Zyex has a low dynamic stiffness and improved string elongation compared to polyester. This provides better tension stability, feel and power than polyester and nylon options. Together, these strings form a hybrid with a controlled response, maximum power and spin and the durability one should expect from a 100% monofilament string bed. Both strings are a 16L gauge diameter, trading a small reduction in feel for improved durability and tension maintenance. Ashaway Crossfire ZX Tour is an excellent hybrid for players who want spin and durability in a package with more power and feel than going with full polyester.

Construction: Mains: Co-polyester monofilament / Cross: Zyex monofilament

Color: Mains: Metallic Silver / Cross: Natural

Gauge: Mains: 1.27mm / Cross: 1.27mm

Length: Mains: 23’ / Cross: 20’

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ASHAWAY Crossfire Zyex Tour Tennis String Order Ashaway Crossfire ZX Tour at Tennis Express today! This hybrid string allows for controlled response and maximum power. Category: Crossfire Competition Strings Product #: ACROSZXTO:SET $ $11.00 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!