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Item #: AKEV720-16R

New Item ASHAWAY Kevlar 1.30/16G 720 Foot String Reel


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Powerful string breakers who need the absolute maximum in durability should consider Ashaway Kevlar 16G string. This string utilizes 100% braided Kevlar (Aramid) construction. Braided Kevlar provides superior ball bite on contact for excellent spin and control over the flight of the ball. The material is also extremely resistant to notching, making it ideal for use in either a full set or in any hybrid configuration. The 16 gauge diameter construction gives up a small amount of feel in exchange for extreme toughness and string life. Frequent stringers will find the maximum value by investing in the 720 foot reel option, lowering the overall cost per string job over the life of the reel. Ashaway Kevlar 16G is a strong choice for heavy hitters in need of a string that can provide excellent control and the highest level of durability.

Construction: Braided Aramid

Color: Gold

Gauge: 1.30mm

Length: 720’ reel

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ASHAWAY Kevlar 1.30/16G 720 Foot String Reel Order the Ashaway Kevlar 16G at Tennis Express today! Players with plenty of power and spin will love the durability of this string. Category: Kevlar Competition Strings Product #: AKEV720-16R $ $175.00 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!