Australian Open Gear

BZ is Bending Zone Technology.


30% reduction in cross section height

Creates 50% reduction in stiffness.


This is the Bending Zone.


The Bending Zone creates “Controlled Power”.


Stiffness in the racquet head gives the “Raw Power” and the Bending Zone creates the “Controlled Power”.


Besides “Controlled Power”, there are 4 benefits of the Bending Zone.

·        Accelerates the racquet head through the contact point of the ball on the serve.  Racquet moves through the air with less friction, which increases the “Power” and creates more “Spin”.

·        Provides more “Spin” for slice and topspin groundstrokes, approach and passing shots.

·        Helps to minimize head distortion, which creates a “Larger Sweet Spot”.

·        Decreases the “Shock” to player’s hand.


Bending Zone Technology = “Controlled Power”.