Australian Open Gear

Numerous vibrations are generated every time a player strikes a ball. Some of these are “good” vibrations, giving you valuable feedback as to the quality of your shot. Others, however, are not, and may contribute to arm problems and other injuries. With Cortex Active Technology, Babolat has designed a system to remove unwanted vibrations while allowing world-class communication to the player. There are three Cortex Active dampening systems, each with its own unique properties for the targeted player type. The new Aero and Pure Drive series frames receive Cortex Expert, featuring an updated CDS (Cortex Dampening System) to eliminate harmful vibrations and transmit useful ones to the player’s hand. A new handle design also eliminates any unnecessary layers to that communication. The result is maximum feel and feedback without harshness. Drive Max racquets benefit from Cortex Comfort with a 20% softer CDS, and a new shaft construction to virtually eliminate shock transference right down to the player’s hand. Drive Max frames for 2013 will be among the most comfortable and forgiving frames Babolat has ever made. The Drive Z line features Cortex Intermediate, combining the best of Cortex Expert and Comfort, with an initial CDS for maximum feel, and a second, 20% softer, CDS for maximum absorption, making it the ideal balance between comfort and feel.