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Babolat Custom+Hybrid

50% of a racquet's effectiveness comes from its strings. With a single-string string bed, you must chose between one of the following benefits: power, resistance, comfort or spin. But by selecting 2 different types of strings, one for the mains and one for the crosses Custom+Hybrid technology allows you to take advantage of the combined benefits of each string for even greater results. No more compromise!

How Does It Work?
The Custom+Hybrid technology combines 2 different strings for mains and crosses and allows to deliver all these four benefits: Spin, Durability, Power, and Comfort.
A string bed is made up of main and cross strings:

Main functions of main strings:
- Durability
- Generate spin
Main functions of cross strings:
- Power
- Comfort

Stringing Recommendations
To optimize durability: Select a thick gauge
To optimize power: Select a thin gauge
For players using a polyester string:
Maintain your usual tension for the Pro Hurricane set.
Increase tension of the VS or Xcel Premium set by 2kg/4lbs.
For players using a natural gut or synthetic string:
Maintain your usual tension for the VS or Xcel Premium set.
Decrease the tension of the Pro Hurricane set by 2 kg/4lbs.