Australian Open Gear

Babolat Pro Hurricane
Technology XFP: Xtrem Futur Polymer.

XFP is a revolutionary material created by Babolat, the worldwide expert in string.

- Elasticity is increasted by more than 40 percent compared to standard polyester.
- Very high resistance to abrasion.

babolat pro hurricane

The Result:
- A high-performance string with unparalleled flexibility and extreme resistance made for string breakers.
- Extreme resistance, power and comfort, control due to stable tension.
- The PRO HURRICANE answers to the specific needs of competition players, thanks to a revolutionary, new material created by Babolat, the worldwide expert in strings.

100% PRO
Try combining the PRO HURRICANE on the mains with Natural Gut on the crosses for that exceptional feel of a professional string hybrid.

- Increased resistance thanks to the PRO HURRICANE
- Increased elasticity and comfort thanks to the Natural Gut
To facilitate stringing, string in 2 lengths (4 tie-off holes)

Thanks to its extreme resistance, Pro Hurricane can be proposed in thin gauges:

125/17 : 70.4 lbs
130/16 : 74.8 lbs

Length: 39.6 fts/ 396 fts/ 660 fts