Australian Open Gear

Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour

Babolat's Pro Hurricane Tour provides extreme resistance, power, comfort, and control due to stable tension. The Pro Hurricane Tour answers to the specific needs of competitive players, thanks to the revolutionary, new material created by Babolat, the worldwide expert in strings.
• Polyester material with an Innovative Structure: Octagonal shape providing more spin than other polyester strings. This naturally colored string is available in both 16 and 17 gauges.

PRO HURRICANE TOUR Benefits VS Luxilon Alu Power

10% more power

5% more durable

Same Spin

Better Tension Maintenance

PRO HURRICANE TOUR Benefit: Easier to String

Very enjoyable during the stringing operation thanks to its flexibility compared to standard polyester strings.

Very comfortable during the stringing operation; it does not burn fingers like standard polyester strings.

Very easy to string thanks to the silicone coating which enhances sliding.