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For advanced players who need a heavier frame that can provide the ultimate level of precision, the answer is the Babolat Pure Control Tour. Designed for players with long, fast swings, this frame offers the pinnacle of control from the Babolat product line. The frame is constructed from the all new Flex Carbon Technology. Flex Carbon provides a lower density of carbon fibers in the frame’s construction, yielding more flexibility, increased contact time between ball and racquet, and the maximum level of control. The 98 square inch head size allows for a good size sweet spot while keeping the frame precise and responsive. Woofer grommets allow for additional power and response. The 11.3oz (unstrung) weight allows the racquet to hit penetrating shots from all areas of the court. The extra weight also allows the racquet to remain supremely stable on contact, giving it exceptional accuracy on both offense and defense. The increased head-light balance makes the frame easy to maneuver at net despite the increased weight. The result is a nimble, solid-feeling frame that can be used as a precision weapon in the front of the court. The 16x20 string pattern allows for consistent control and accuracy, allowing players to dictate their shots with confidence. The Babolat Pure Control Tour is a great option for players with long swings seeking a flexible control frame with enough mass to send the ball deep into the court with precision.

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BABOLAT Pure Control Tour Tennis Racquet Order the Babolat Pure Control Tour at Tennis Express today! A new design and new technology make this an ideal choice for advanced players seeking feel and accuracy. Category: EMPTY Product #: B101201 Regular price: $179.00 $ $129.00 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!
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