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Babolat Nanostrength

babolat nanostrength
NS Technology
Carbon nanotubes are used to stiffen key areas of the racquet head and shaft.
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Nanotechnology in brief
Babolat's Nanotechnology is the study and working of materials on the scale of the atom: the technology of the minuscule.
Carbon Nanotube TM: The Material Of The Future
100 times more rigid than steel (and 5 times lighter!), 10 times stiffer than conventional graphite. Carbon Nanotube TM is the ideal material. Extremely resistant and highly reactive, it provides power to the racquet through rigidity and playing sensations never experienced before.
From NASA... to Babolat
Currently, NASA is studying a project for a space elevator to connect the earth and a geostationary platform. The cables for this elevator will be made of Carbon Nanotube TM - proof of its exceptional qualities!