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Tuesday, August 07, 2012 Babolat Booms with Aero Series


If you can believe it, Babolat wasn’t even in the racquet business 20 years ago. Today, they are a dominant force in the industry with five of the six best-selling frames on the market.

So how have they grown from a well-known string company to a “total tennis” powerhouse? Certainly Babolat’s strong pro tour presence, led by Rafael Nadal, Andy Roddick, and Kim Clijsters, has something to do with it. But they’ve also designed a line of racquets compatible with the modern game and effective for adults and juniors alike.

Aero Series: The Aero series has been made famous by seven-time French Open champion Nadal, but has also found success in the hands of 2010 Roland Garros champion Francesca Schiavone and hard-hitting Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

The main technology of the Aero series is Aero Modular Design. Aero Modular Design shapes the shaft like an aircraft wing to decrease wind resistance and increase racquet speed. The addition of GT (Graphite/Tungsten) along with the Cortex System dampens the vibration stiffer frames can have, and the Woofer grommet system allows for increased string involvement for added power and comfort

Rafael Nadal AeroPro

Babolat AeroPro Drive Classic and French Open Edition

AeroPro Drive: The most popular model in the Aero Pro line is Nadal’s AeroPro Drive GT, and it is a quintessential topspin frame. Its firm flex combines with an open string pattern, a lightweight, head light frame, and a perfect 100-square-inch head size for a racquet that gives you control along with high speed and massive spin. 

Babolat has expanded the Aero Pro Drive line to include an extended-length AeroPro Drive GT Plus, and a Roland Garros-inspired AeroPro Drive GT French Open.

AeroPro Lite: Juniors looking for an ultra-light yet powerful frame should demo the new Aero Pro Lite GT. The 9.2 ounce unstrung weight allows younger players to generate generous topspin, and also move the frame overhead easily on serve. Roland Garros fans will appreciate the AeroPro Lite GT French Open version. Babolat AeroPro Lite Classic and French Open Edition
Babolat Aeropro Team and Storm

AeroPro Team: The Aero Pro Team GT is a new addition for 2012, and brings the Aero Pro Drive power and precision to those needing a lightweight frame. Over a half-ounce lighter than the Drive, the Aero Pro Team is a great choice for women and juniors looking for a lower swingweight to complement their games.

Aero Storm: Players wanting more spin from a traditional frame will want to try the Aero Storm GT. Utilizing the Aero Pro series aerodynamic shaft and Pure Drive standard beam in the head, it has a narrower 21mm beam for hard-hitting players seeking controlled power. If you’re looking for a heavier Aero series frame, try the Aero Storm Tour GT. Weighing in over 11 ounces unstrung, it provides the most stable hitting platform in the line.


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