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Wednesday, December 04, 2013 Look Out for the Babolat Pure Strike

Babolat Pure Strike

By Matt Locke

Babolat looks to be subscribing to the “go big or go home” mentality for 2014 when it comes to their racquet lineup. Not only are they the bringing the world’s first connected racquet to the market, but they are also introducing several new frame lines. One of these lines is the Pure Strike series. The Pure Strike takes the place of the previous AeroStorm line but with an all-new frame design. Aimed at big hitters who want a blend of response and precision, there are several models in the Pure Strike series that will appeal to a wide range of players. Here is a brief rundown of the different models in the Pure Strike Line and how they will help raise your game to the next level.

Aggressive ball strikers who want to control the court will enjoy the Pure Strike 18x20. The 98 square inch head provides a responsive string bed with a high level of precision. The new X-Sider frame design increases the sweet spot by 10%, adding a bit more pop and more forgiveness on off center shots. The variable width Evo Beam design helps decrease torque on contact, creating better stability and responsiveness. Babolat’s signature Woofer Grommet system is now updated with PEBAX material injected, adding additional power. The frame’s 10.8oz (unstrung) weight ensures there is plenty of mass for heavy aggressive shots. The weight, along with Stabilizer technology that uses stiffer carbon fiber in the throat, helps the frame remain stable against big hitters. The head light balance gives the frame a fast, maneuverable feel at net while the overall weight gives it plenty on finishing power on volleys. The 18x20 string pattern provides the pinnacle of directional control and precision on the string bed.

Attacking, first-ball players who want a frame that is equal parts power and precision will love the Pure Strike 18x20. Advanced players who want a racquet that packs a heavy punch will want to try the Pure Strike Tour. It retains the 98 square inch head size for a precise and responsive feel. X-Sider technology enlarges the sweet spot, giving it more power and forgiveness. Stability comes by way of the variable width Evo Beam design, which reduces torque on ball contact. Woofer Grommets with new PEBAX material injection provide additional power and a responsive feel. The frame weighs in at 11.3oz (unstrung) allowing it to hit heavy, penetrating shots from all areas of the court. The increased weight also makes the racquet tremendously stable when facing bigger hitters. This model has the most head light balance of any Pure Strike, making it easy to maneuver into position at net in spite of its increased weight. The 18x20 string pattern allows players to hit with maximum control and confidence. The Pure Strike Tour is a great choice for players who can handle higher mass frames and want to hit through the court with power and control.

Players in need of a lighter, more forgiving frame that can still play aggressively will also have an option with the Pure Strike 100. The 100 square inch head size provides more forgiveness and a larger sweet spot than other models in the line. The frame keeps X-Sider technology for even more power and feel from the sweet spot. The variable width Evo Beam design decreases torque on contact, giving the frame a stable feel. PEBAX material injected into the Woofer Grommets adds additional power and responsiveness. The frame’s 10.2oz (unstrung) weight makes it fast through contact for high racquet head speed while still having enough weight for solid shots and defensive stability. Stabilizer technology with stiffer carbon in the throat aids in a more stable feel against bigger hitters. A head light balance allows the racquet to play very maneuverable at the net, easily handling reflex volleys. The 16x19 string pattern provides a solid blend of control and spin on all shots. Players after a fast, aggressive frame with forgiveness and controllable power will like the Pure Strike 100.

Players who want a bit more spin from the more precise 98 square inch version will have to be patient. The Pure Strike 16x19 won’t debut until mid 2014. It retains all of the specs of the Pure Strike 18x20 with the exception of the string pattern. The 16x19 pattern version is capable of a bit more spin production than its counterpart. This frame will be a great option for aggressive ball strikers who want to keep opponents off balance with a mix of power, precision and spin. Babolat is poised to give attacking players a wide variety of new weapons with the introduction of the Pure Strike line. All of the models are on the stiffer side so I recommend that players with sensitive arms decrease their tension or use a softer material string to compensate. The Pure Strike series uses innovative designs and materials to provide a high level of controllable power combined with a responsive feel. With four variations to choose from, this new range has an option for every player that allows them to take the fight to their opponent and play aggressive tennis.

Look for these must-try frames in mid-January!


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