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Thursday, January 20, 2011 Racquet of the Week: Babolat Pure Drive 135th Anniversary

Players around the world have come to love the way the Babolat Pure Drive series has played over the years.

For the 135th anniversary of Babolat's history, Babolat has released a special edition of their newest model of the Pure Drive, the Pure Drive GT with a special red paint job to commemorate their 135th anniversary, and also just in time to celebrate the tournament where the first pages of their racquet history was written, the French Open.

From our website description:

Babolat’s technology team has outdone themselves yet again by bringing us the new GT technology. This tennis racquet features a unique bright red color to commemorate the red clay of Roland Garros where Babolat's racquet history wrote its first pages. Embedded with Graphite and Tungsten (GT). The graphite and tungsten in the Babolat Pure Drive GT racquet provides a crisper, more solid swing response with added stability. Babolat has brought back the vibration minimizing Cortex technology and also the Woofer System that cushions ball impact on your tennis strings. Players will find plenty of power from the baseline, while being able to generate a lot of spin on the ball. The Babolat Pure Drive GT tennis racquet will definitely gain as much popularity as its predecessors, having the ultimate vibration dampening trio.

Fans, this racquet is going to be a limited release, if you want to be a cut above the rest definitely get your Pure Drive GT 135th anniversary frame today! Also don't forget the matching Pro Team 12 pack bag!


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