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Friday, May 24, 2013 Racquet Review of the Week - Babolat AeroPro Team

Babolat AeroPro Team

The 2013 Babolat AeroPro Team is a lighter update to the AeroPro line, with all the spin and power that you expect from those racquets. It combines the construction of the AeroPro with the lightness a younger or less advanced layer might want. Could this be the racquet for you?

Net Play & Serving

The AeroPro Team is light enough to maneuver around and flip into position on reflex volleys. There is a bit of a disconnected feel in the frame, which resulted in a little bit of a struggle with drop and touch volleys. Overall, I felt that the AeroPro Team performed solidly, if not spectacularly, at the net, which is pretty good considering it is not built for the serve and volley game. The frame geometry and light weight combine for a fast feel on serves. I found good ability to add varying amounts of spin to my serve while still maintaining solid directional control. Flat serves were solid, but again, the lightness of the Team keeps it from having the same weight of shot that the heavier models possess on serves. This racquet is great for someone who focuses more on disguise and variation on their serve as opposed to raw power.

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From the Baseline

The AeroPro Team frame geometry puts a premium on spin generation - I found it easy to generate a high level of spin off of either wing on groundstrokes. The light frame makes it easy to accelerate the racquet giving great topsin shots. I found the racquet capable of a solid amount of pace, but it didn’t quite have the same weight to the shot the AeroPro Drive. This also shows up in a slight reduction in stability against bigger hitters. This could be remedied easily however, as the lower static and swing weights make this frame a potential platform for customization. The addition of Cortex Active for 2013 dampens the frame a bit, but it is still designed for modern baseline tennis.


Although lighter in weight, the AeroPro Team is still a fairly stiff frame. The lighter weight of the Team makes it more accessible and easier to use for smaller adults and juniors who want the easy access to spin and power that the Aero line offers. More advanced hitters will also find room to customize the Team to their desired spec. Overall, the Team lives up the Aero line’s reputation as a power and spin frame that is versatile enough to be used by a wide variety of different levels and ages.

About the Reviewer: Matt Locke is an all-court player with a 4.5 NTRP rating. He lives and plays tennis in Boise, Idaho.

babolat aero pro team


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