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Wednesday, December 04, 2013 Sneak Peek: Babolat Pure Control

babolat pure control

By Matt Locke

Babolat appears ready to continue expanding their presence in the tennis market in 2014. They pride themselves on offering frames that can fit a wide range of play styles and ability levels. Control-focused players will be able to ring in the new year with the introduction of the Pure Control line. This range takes the place of the previous Pure Storm models and returns to a well-known and loved name within the Babolat brand. Here is a quick overview of the available models and what they bring to the table for players seeking ultimate on-court control.

Players with long, fast swings who desire maximum precision will want to try the Pure Control. The frame is built using Babolat’s all new Flex Carbon Technology. Flex Carbon allows the racquet to be constructed with a lower density of carbon fibers than the previous Pure Storm model (3000 fibers vs. 6000). The result is increased flexibility and longer dwell time, giving the frame exceptional control and accuracy. The 98 square inch head size provides a solid sweet spot and a precise and responsive string bed. Babolat’s Woofer Grommet system adds additional power and responsiveness on contact. The 10.4oz (unstrung) weight gives the racquet a fast feel through contact while still having enough mass to direct the ball and remain stable on impact. The head light balance provides a quick, maneuverable feel when at net. This results in a fast volleying frame that can finish in the front court. The 16x20 string pattern provides consistent control and accuracy, allowing players to dictate with confidence.

The Babolat Pure Control will be a great option for players who put a premium on control, accuracy and responsiveness. For players who want a control frame that can hit heavy, penetrating shots; the answer is the Pure Control Tour. This frame also takes advantage of Babolat’s new Flex Carbon. The reduced density of carbon fibers yields more flexibility and response while increasing the ball’s dwell time on the racquet. This results in absolute control and accuracy on shots from all areas. The 98 square inch head size is precise and responsive with a solid sweet spot. The Woofer Grommet system provides additional power and feedback on contact. The increased 11.3oz (unstrung) weight allows for deep penetrating shots that combine accuracy and weight to keep your opponents off balance. The extra weight also provides extra stability, allowing for exceptional accuracy on both offense and defense. This model has a more head light balance which makes it a nimble, solid frame at the net despite its increased weight. The 16x20 string pattern provides tremendous control and accuracy for precision shot making. The Pure Control Tour is a great flexible frame for players who want a control racquet that has enough mass to send the ball deep into the court with precision.

stosur harrison

The Pure Control represents Babolat’s continuing commitment to provide options for players of all styles. Endorsed by Sam Stosur and Ryan Harrison on the pro tours, the series fills the needs of precision players who need a flexible control-oriented weapon. Babolat continues to blend their rich heritage with updated designs and materials to provide players with racquets that can match their play style. Players who want pin point accuracy and maximum control should treat themselves with the new Pure Control series from Babolat.

Look for these racquets in mid-January 2014!


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