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Monday, November 26, 2012 The 2013 Babolat AeroPro Series Has Arrived!

Babolat AeroPro

Babolat had a lot on the line when developing the new AeroPro series of frames for 2013. In the hands of Rafael Nadal, the AeroPro Drive has been one of the most popular racquets in the world for years now, and AeroPro devotees might be resistant to major changes in their favorite stick. Fortunately for them, Babolat has improved the line without sacrificing the features that made the series great in the first place.

What Stays the Same: Babolat kept the things that have made the AeroPro line popular with topspin baseline players. The 100 square inch head size and 16x19 string pattern have stayed, giving you plenty of room to brush the ball from the backcourt, and plenty of space between the strings to “grab” it for extreme spin. AeroModular technology is still there as well, its wing-shaped profile allowing the frame to cut through the air for maximum racquet head speed. Woofer grommets have also been carried over; their “pulley effect” maximizing ball pocketing for improved comfort, and increasing trampoline effect for added power. A solid flex and strong swingweight combine to provide stability and allow you to power through hard-hit shots from your opponents. The GT Aero technology remains for 2013 as well, putting graphite and tungsten at the 3 and 9 o’clock head positions for reduced torque and maximum control.

Babolat AeroPro Drive Video Review

Babolat AeroPro Drive Plus Video Review

The AeroPro Drive is still available in a standard length model, and a “Plus” version which, at 27.5” of length, will provide you with extra leverage for more power and spin. Also available are two lighter versions. The AeroPro Team reduces weight by a full ounce to allow players with slower swing speeds access to AeroPro series power and spin, and the Aero Pro Lite gets racquet weight below 10 ounces to allow juniors an easy transition from kids’ frames to AeroPro series performance. Both of these frames are available in a “zero” (or 4-inch) handle size if you have small hands.
What’s New: Babolat has made one major change to the AeroPro line to make it feel, and play, better than ever. The successful Cortex shock dampening system has been upgraded to the new Cortex Active “Expert” system, which combines with an updated handle design to filter out harsh vibrations while sending the “good” vibrations (that increase feel) to the player’s hands. This system, exclusive to the AeroPro and Pure Drive lines for 2013, ensures that advanced players get maximum shot feedback with maximum comfort. A new paint job and stencil design will let your opponents know that you’re swinging the most advanced AeroPro frames ever and that, as a Babolat player, tennis runs in your blood. Babolat AeroPro Team Video Review
Babolat AeroPro Lite Video Review

Babolat has successfully walked a fine line with the new AeroPro series. By making targeted upgrades, a proven aggressive baseliner’s frame has been made even better.

The new AeroPro Series racquets will be available to demo and ship starting on 12/12/12. Pre-order today!


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