Australian Open Gear

Side Drivers Technology:


It's a thin line between love and obsession. For years club players had top choose between power and precision. The compromise ends now!

Through a series of technological breakthroughs and seriously beautiful design, Babolat Y is the first line of oversize racquets to combine power with precision, transforming your passion into obsession.

Engineered and designed exclusively for you, the club player, Babolat Y racquets feature four key technologies to deliver optimal power in every swing and absolute precision in every shot. 
  • SIDE DRIVERS: Longer arms extend the yoke farther up each side of the racquet. These arms—or Side Drivers—create a stiffer construction and distribute maximum power from the base of the yoke to the middle of the head. Advanced precision comes from the connection of the Side Drivers to the racquet head at three o'clock and nine o'clock, which results in less torque (or twisting) at ball impact.