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GAMMA Sports is the industry leader in string technology, with an impressive history in advancing the game of tennis through high-quality, high-performance tennis gear. Over the past 40 years, GAMMA Sports has broadened the professional tennis market to include synthetic string on par with natural gut. Of 23 straight years, the United States Racquet Stringers Association ranked GAMMA string No. 1, and in 2004, GAMMA Live Wire Professional Synthetic String rated top in Overall Performance, which marked the first time a synthetic string ranked ahead of natural gut in the category.

The GAMMA irradiation process gives superior strength to their strings, making them comparable to natural gut. And GAMMA RZR Advanced Aerodynamic Racquets are able to swing at speeds that were once thought impossible, giving your ball record amounts of pace and spin. GAMMA also manufactures accessories, tennis balls, grips, grommets, and stringing machines to the same high standards of their strings and racquets.

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