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Tite Grip
Tite Grip is one of the leading grip aid brands taking the pole industry by storm. Based out of New Jersey, Joe Ginger, owner and CEO of Tite Grip, founded the well-rounded company in 2002. As a PGA professional golfer of 40 years, Ginger created the antiperspirant-like cream with intention to improve fellow golfers’ grip and swing. Within the years, he discovered other sports use his product as having similar problems with sweaty hands. Not only golfing but also weight lifting, yoga, billiards, baseball, rock climbing, bowling, gun shooting, gymnastics, cheerleading, tennis, any sport where perspiration is a problem. Tite Grip solved it. In 2009, it was brought to his attention by Fawnia Dietrich; the ‘Pioneer of Pole’ based in Las Vegas, that Tite Grip works incredibly well for pole dancers. Marketing for pole dancing, exotic pole and pole fitness lifted off from there.
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