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Volkl DNX Tennis Racquets - DNX 9, DNX 2, DNX 6

Volkl DNX tennis racquets contain DNX which is placed in strategic locations on the frame: at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions on the head and right above the grip in the throat. Volkl has worked with the Fraunhofer Institute to develop this revolutionary new material. Volkl DNX is made of a tubular structure, allowing it to remain strong and resilient against forces applied from any angle. Not only is DNX lighter than regular carbon fibers, it is also 25 times stronger! When placed in the Volki DNX racquet head, the material stabilizes and reduces torque on off center shots. The DNX in the throat strengthens the midpoint of the racquet to reduce excess bending, increasing the potential for power. Not only does DNX allow for more power, but the added stability allows players to keep the racquet under control, leading to pinpoint placement with Volkl DNX racquets. To learn more about Volkl DNX tennis racquets, visit our Volkl technology page in our Tennis Express Buyer's Guide.Volkl Promo Bag Banner

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