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Babolat Pure Storm Tennis Racquets

Babolat Pure Storm tennis racquets are geared towards players seeking a control oriented frame with plenty of feel. The Babolat Pure Storm racquet is used by Carbon Xtrem and Woofer technologies. With Carbon Xtrem, the carbon fibers that compose the racquet head are braided on three different angles, while Woofer uses a special grommet, allowing all the strings to move and interact with the ball on contact. Carbon Xtrem provides up to a 40% increase in the resistance to torque in the Pure Storm racquet head. This results in two times less fiber breakage when compared to traditional racquets composed of carbon, providing more stability than a standard racquet. Carbon Xtreme allows the Babolat Pure Storm racquets to be light and stable at the same time. Woofer utilizes all the strings on impact, increasing the sweetspot. The new Pure Storm models utilize Babolat’s GT technology to give players unmatched feel and control!

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