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Tecnifibre T Fight Tennis Racquets

The Tecnifibre T-Fight tennis racquet series is geared towards the serious, competitive baseline player. If you are a patient player who likes to grind out points from the backcourt, there is a Tecnifibre T-Fight racquet for you! Although Tecnifbre T-Fight rackets are created for baseline players, their effectiveness at net is uncompromised. Players will be able to hit precision shots from all areas of the court. Tecnifibre T-Fight tennis rackets use Texalium, a strong, lightweight material, to reinforce strategic points of the racquet. This provides additional stability, as well as dampening vibrations to improve comfort. Tecnifibre T-Fight rackets also take advantage of a square beam cross-section to provide additional control.
The Tecnifibre T-Fight 320 racquet is a traditional player's racquet with a hefty feel. Weighing in at 11.8 ounces, the racquet still remains maneuverable with its head-light balance. The Tecnifibre T-Fight 335 racquet is even more control oriented than the T-Fight 320. It weighs in slightly heavier at 12.4 ounces and also has a head-light balance to provide a solid feel while still remaining maneuverable. Both Tecnifibre T-Fight racquets come in both a 16x20 and a 18x20 string pattern, providing more spin and power or more control, respectively.

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