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Wilson nCode tennis racquets lead the way in performance because Wilson has identified the problem that plagues the construction of ordinary racquets. Most racquets are made of individual carbon fibers. Between these fibers, tiny voids exist that create extraneous stress points. This weakens the overall structure of the frame. Wilson seeks to resolve this problem by introducing nanotechnology to the tennis racquet market in the form of Wilson nCode tennis racquet technology. The Wilson nCode process injects nanoscopic silicone oxide crystals to fill the space in between these voids. This process significantly enhances the stability of nCode tennis racquets. The result is 2 times the strength, 2 times the stability, and up to 22% more power. Wilson nCode racquets are also more resilient, offering long lasting durability that is greater than traditional racquets. Wilson nCode tennis racquets play better, longer! Learn more about Wilson nCode rackets by visiting our Wilson nCode tennis racket technology page from the Tennis Express Buyer's Guide.

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