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Dunlop adds a new option in its player oriented 2.0 line with the introduction of the new Biomimetic S 2.0 Lite. This frame shares the same 95 square inch head size as the rest of the line, resulting in maximum precision and maneuverability. It weighs in at 10.4oz (unstrung), making it the lightest model in the series. This reduced weight, combined with Dunlop’s Aeroskin CX technology, give the racquet a light, fast feel through the air while still having enough mass to hit a heavy ball as well as absorb pace. The head light balance of the frame keeps it maneuverable at the net and easy to bring through contact on ground strokes and serves. The more open 16x19 string pattern generates a good balance of control and spin with Dunlop’s MoS2 grommets reducing string friction by 27%, yielding better durability and increased power and spin. The use of Biofibre in the shaft results in a racquet that has a comfortable, clean feel on contact. Players looking for a maneuverable, control oriented frame in a lighter slightly more forgiving package should consider the all new Dunlop Biomimetic S 2.0 Lite.

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DUNLOP Biomimetic S 2.0 Lite Tennis Racquet Get the Dunlop Biomimetic S 2.0 Lite from Tennis Express today! This player-friendly racquet is perfect for players looking for a frame with great precision. Category: S Series Product #: T67652 Regular price: $210.00 $ $59.00 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!