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Strings » Dunlop » DNA Biomimetic 16G Tennis String

Item #: T624606:SET

DUNLOP DNA Biomimetic 16G Tennis String

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Continuing their nature inspired line of products, the new Dunlop DNA Biomimetic 16 string takes multifilament strings to a new level. Featuring the same Pure DuPont PA66 fibers that offer incredible comfort and repulsion from Silk, this string also utilizes PBT fibers that coil around the string. The result is the appearance of the well known double helix spiraling around the string, hence the name, DNA. The addition of the PBT fiber serves two purposes in this string, the first is to lessen fraying and increase durability of a typically low durability type of string. The second is that it offers additional elasticity for greater ball speed and more power, without greatly sacrificing feel and comfort. This string is designed for all court players seeking a large sweetspot with plenty of pop in a longer lasting multifilament alternative.

Construction: Multifilament polyamide + PBT fiber coil
Color: Black
Gauge: 1.30mm

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DUNLOP DNA Biomimetic 16G Tennis String A new PBT fiber coil surrounds this soft multifilament string, making Dunlop DNA 16 both incredibly comfortable and durable. Designed for all court players that want a soft feel and good power without sacrificing longevity. Category: EMPTY Product #: T624606:SET Regular price: $16.95 $ $12.95 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!