Australian Open Gear

MoS2 grommets are made of molybdenite, a mineral with an incredibly low coefficient of friction (according to Dunlop, it’s like rubbing wet ice against itself). MoS2 is similar to snake skin (self-lubricating), allowing for smoother string movement within the grommet barrel.  If the strings can “slide” inside the grommet, the reduced friction has a twofold benefit:  greater power (Dunlop estimates a 27% improvement), and less stress on the grommets themselves (Dunlop states a 40% increase in durability of the grommets).  CX grommets, unique to the 3.0 series, are nearly flush-mounted with the frame’s beam, allowing for an 8% improvement in aerodynamics in this area of the frame alone.  Improved airflow will allow for greater racquet speed.