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Item #: T624709:SET

DUNLOP Pearl 16G Tennis String White

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Players who play multifilament string will have a new crown jewel to consider with the introduction of Dunlop Pearl 16G White. This string features a high tenacity braided multifilament core, giving it incredible touch and a responsive feel. The core is then encased in a powerful twisted mono-filament outer wrap which provides exceptional power potential. The string is then finished with a smooth, durable nano-elastic coating. This coating helps to lower friction on the string bed, resulting in better ball control, slightly increased spin potential and increased durability. The thicker 16 gauge diameter option sacrifices a bit of feel and responsiveness in order to maximize string durability. Players seeking an arm friendly multifilament that perfectly balances excellent ball control with outstanding comfort should plan to try Dunlop Pearl 16G White.

Composition: Multifilament

Color: White

Gauge: 1.30mm

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DUNLOP Pearl 16G Tennis String White Get the Dunlop Pearl 16G White at Tennis Express today! This multifilament string offers great feel and responsiveness in a durable multifilament construction. Category: Multifilament Product #: T624709:SET Regular price: $10.95 $ (Buy 1 pieces for $7.50) - $7.50 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!