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Saturday, April 07, 2012 Dunlop Brings A Classic Into The Modern Age

It was December 2, 2011, when the 52-year-old John McEnroe stepped onto the court at Royal Albert Hall in London, England with a new Dunlop racquet in hands. Naturally, the appearance of the racquet gave it a few comparisons to the original Dunlop Max 200G.

Dunlop Max 200G Original and Biomimetic While the game has certainly changed a lot, and there are plenty of significant changes in this new Biomimetic Max 200G, there’s something to be said for bringing a bit of nostalgia to the modern frame. When we first got to see this new frame close up, we had to ask where it would fit in the Dunlop line, as there are already four version of the Biomimetic 200, including the Tour, Lite, and Plus models.

Looking a bit more at the specs, this is an intriguing frame, especially given that it is a bit lighter than the traditional 200 at only 11.1 ounces unstrung and has a slightly larger head size at 98 square inches. The biggest surprise was the balance, which sits around four points head light strung, giving this frame a ton of stability, but does take away from the maneuverability a bit.

Of course just because the frame borrows a name from history doesn’t mean that it won’t have a few modern updates, like the HM6 Carbon construction. By creating sheets of graphite that are bonded in a repeating hexagonal structure, Dunlop has created a material that takes advantage of a highly porous structure to reduce racquet vibration for added comfort.

There is no denying that the game has gotten faster, and to combat that, many players are moving to lighter and lighter racquets, but for those that still want a frame with some heft and some added speed, Dunlop has your answer with Aeroskin. This textured surface treatment along the frame is modeled after the skin of a shark and creates small turbulences in the air as a racquet moves through, cutting down on resistance for greater racquet head speed.

It wasn’t quite what we would have expected after seeing it in the hands of John McEnroe, but it has plenty of promise on its own. Whether you are a baseline player seeking a control frame with plenty of stability, or a net rusher that loves the feel of a solid frame, give this one a frame even if you are not a fan of the original.


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