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Wednesday, August 17, 2011 Dunlop Expands Biomimetic Line with Limited Release

Dunlop first introduced their Biomimetic technologies around this time last year and started with only five models. That number doubled earlier this year, and in just a few short weeks there will be even more added to the mix. Possibly the most anticipated of the upcoming releases will also be the most limited production, with Dunlop claiming that there will only be limited amounts of the Biomimetic 100 and Biomimetic 200 Tour being made.
Dunlop Biomimetic 100 Head
While the two racquets are already available for presale, they are scheduled to ship from Dunlop to select retailers beginning September 1. So how do these new frames stack up to their predecessors, the Aerogel 4D frames? There is good news there, in that Dunlop chose to remain fairly consistent with the new models, utilizing the same molds and nearly identical specifications for the Biomimetic versions. The even better news though, is that these racquets are more than just some new paint.

The Biomimetics include the two technologies, HM6 Carbon for increased stability, power, and comfort, as well as Aeroskin, for greater aerodynamics and faster racquet speed. They are also just a touch more flexible but provide a more solid feel at contact. It manages to fill the difficult task of pleasing the players that are seeing their favorite racquets get replaced, while also changing enough to create a unique enough experience to bring in new potential users.

Biomimetic 200 Tour Top of HeadThe most interesting for classic players is likely to be the Biomimetic 100, a 90 square inch head combines with an unexpected 11.1 ounce unstrung frame that is good in stock form, but also provides an excellent base for modification. Do not discount a theory like this, because one of the most sought after racquets at a time was the Asian release of the Wilson Six.One Tour BLX. This was because it weighed less than the US/Europe model, coming in at only 11.3 ounces unstrung instead of 12 ounces unstrung. In a similar way, the Biomimetic 100 is a great racquet for personalization thanks to it being light enough to accept modification without becoming too heavy.

On the exact opposite side, the Biomimetic 200 Tour comes in much heavier, with a swing weight around 350 in its stock form, providing an insane amount of stability and surprising power, but little room for modification. For strong players, and especially strong baseliners, this racquet provides a nice amount of pop with incredible control.


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